Les intellectuels français de l’entre-deux guerres : Le tragique de la condition humaine chez Malraux et Martin du Gard

Ana Maria Alves


Composed of two separate periods by the economic crisis of 1929, the interwar period is characterized by a cut between the twenties and the thirties. In literature, this time interval is marked by a revival in all genres. Our goal is, first, to contextualize this cycle that will allow us to choose, eventually, a genre. Our election will focus on the novel that draws its material in the news, on “the modern novel [which] is a means of expression of the tragedy of the man [...] "as evidenced by Malraux. Never ceasing to care about human destiny, Malraux states in his Antimemoires "I’m interested in any man, that is The human condition." This concern, this tragedy of existence, the concern of the individual in all its forms will be presented, as we propose to show, not only in the work of Malraux, specifically in Man but also in that of Roger Martin du Gard - Les Thibault.

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