Francophonie, périphérie et auto-traduction : la cas de Gherasim Luca

Daliana Gligore


The present work is a study of self-translation based on the case of the Jewish Romanian Writer, Gherasim Luca. Gherasim Luca leaves his native country in 1952 and he chooses to live in France where he starts to translate his Romanian literary work into French. This article seeks to examine the practice of Gherasim Luca’s self-translation through a comparative analysis between his original and self-translated texts. The thorough investigation of the Romanian and French versions of Luca’s work emphasizes three distinct self-translation practices. Gherasim Luca takes advantage of being his own translator to stray from a normative type of translation. Therefore, the newly created text can be seen as a space in which all cultures meet together.

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