Aspectos ideológicos, linguísticos e discursivos no microblog dos presidenciáveis 2010

Artur Daniel Ramos Modolo


This research aims at analyzing the interplay between the political and everyday life spheres in the digital microblog genre of the candidates running for the Brazilian presidential elections in 2010. The main research corpus is an archived compilation of the material posted on Twitter by the three main candidates running for President in Brazil – Dilma Rousseff, José Serra and Marina Silva
– during the official campaign period. In order to achieve such propositions, the following research question has been elaborated: How does the interrelationship between the political and everyday life spheres happen in the microblog of the candidates to the Brazilian presidency in the elections of 2010? The contributions of the Bakhtin Circle will be used as the theoretical and methodological basis.
In a first analytical level, we will observe the broader social context involving the 2010 elections. The results obtained by this research illustrate the alternation between messages with an informal style, aiming at approaching the candidate to his electors, typical of everyday conversations and primary genres (simple), and dense messages that deepen the debate with social-political content, that
is, the secondary genres (complex). It must be pointed out that the heterogeneity of the microblog genre is enhanced by hypertext resources that create multimodal content: verbal, visual, and audio.

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