Como dá a ficção conta das trocas reais orais?

Isabel Margarida Duarte


The aim of this paper is to present how, in a group of seven works of narrative
fiction, considered credible when it comes to the realism of the colloquial language used, especially in the discourses of the characters, some characteristic of formal and informal discourses are literarily worked. The research starts with the survey of ten particular oral features, collected in a small corpus under construction, built by orthographic transcriptions
of informal oral productions, and the search for homologue phenomena in a group of oralizing Portuguese narratives. We conclude (1) that more works of pragmatic linguistics description of the oral discourse in European Portuguese are needed; (2) that even the narratives that are aiming for plausibility and introduce several oralization instructions to produce a “real effect” are, for reasons of readability, far from the characteristics of a real oral discourse, which they cannot assume due to their nature. What they do is to recreate
and stylize some of the outstanding features of that discourse that they intend to mimic.

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