A biblioteca perdida de J. Cardoso († 1669) e a biblioteca do Agiologio Lusitano : Livros de gosto e de uso

Maria de Lurdes Correia Fernandes


This article includes the commented edition and study of one part- the manuscripts-of the lost library of Jorge Cardoso (f1669),  the author of Agiologio Lusitano dos Santos de Portugal e suas Conquistas (3 vols.). It is based on an 18th Century copy of the catalogue of the printed and manuscript books, whose original was authored by  J. Cardoso  himself.  The  purpose  of  this  article  is  to  discuss  the  way  the manuscript part of J. Cardoso's  library - to which D. Manuel Caetano de Sousa, the 18th Century continuer of Cardoso 's work, didn 't have access - is,  to a large extent, the outcome of Cardoso's effort to gather the largest possible amount of information and documents (mostly historical and hagiographic, both originals and copies) which would allow him to write a work- Agiologio Lusitano - he intended to be thorough and well informed, the ultimate work of his genre in Portugal.

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